The band NikitA accumulates sexual energy for its creative work

The band NikitA accumulates sexual energy for its creative work.

The band NikitA accumulates sexual energy for its creative work. After a one year break from sex they presented a new music video «20:12».

The premier of their new music video all over the post-soviet countries and the presentation of the Russian Playboy’s November issue, whose cover shows the charming Dasha Astafieva, were celebrated together. These two events took place in a night club called Barbados on Thursday night when it turned into a temple of love for several hours. The atmosphere was really hot due to the beautiful singers and improved the visitors’ mood immensely. Read more »

“NikitA” saves the world!

“NikitA” saves the world!

While the world worries about the coming of 2012 the group “NikitA” announced “love will save us, there is nothing to fear.” The main sex symbols of Ukraine, Russia and Europe, the stars of Playboy, Dasha Astafieva and Anastasiya have released a new sex bomb: the video for their new international track “20:12”! Read more »

Gorbachova invited Kushinashvili to take part in the show Big Brother

Gorbachova invited Kushinashvili to take part in the show Big Brother

The Sunday show Big Brother and its MC Olga Gorbachova suddenly came on air two hours earlier than usual. It turned out that the administration of the channel made this decision in order to make the main weekly live program three hours long. TV viewers who don’t follow К1’s project every day can enjoy watching a in-house review for one hour and then two hours of the hostess talking with the guests of the studio. Read more »

neAngely are opening a marriage agency

neAngely are opening a marriage agency

Victoria and Slava, singers from the band neAngely, have decided to help lonely Ukrainian women find their happiness. They made this claim while filming their new music video called Kiev-Moscow. Read more »

ARMIA met DJ Mendez

ARMIA met DJ Mendez

Yesterday the group ARMIA and the world famous musician of Latin-American roots DJ Mendez met. The musician came to Ukriane to shoot a music video together with the hot Ukrainian beauties of ARMIA which he met at the festival Vina Del Mar in Chili. The song for the video was written by Mendez after he was impressed by their first meeting. Read more »

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RU.TV Awards

Last Saturday in Moscow the first Awards of Russian music channel RU.TV was held. This big event gathered the most popular representatives of Slavic show business. The concert hall and red carpet, on which the stars passed by, was surrounded by crowds of screaming fans and viewers of the TV channel with banners and cameras, barely held back by security. Read more »


Gorbacheva gives free German lessons

The singer with the sexiest voice, Olga Gorbacheva, gives free German lessons in the music video for her new song “Kleine”. With a degree in linguistics, Olga knows German almost perfectly. But she only had the opportunity to use her knowledge when the group “Arktika” began actively taking part in the German music scene. Read more »


Nikita – 20:12 (My Love). Official Trailer

Official Trailer of NikitA musicvideo 20:12 Read more »

Hollywood FM - Uhodi

Hollywood FM – Uhodi

Hollywood FM band represent new music video – Uhodi Read more »


The NikitA band holding a new star

The NikitA band, which became a real music and sex sensation not only in CIS countries but also in USA, is now holding a new star in its membership. Dasha Astafieva, 55th anniversary playmate of Playboy magazine and a favorite of Hugh Hefner, gets a new “half “ – sexual singer named Anastasia. Read more »